Group tix made simple

Backpocket lets customers split group ticket purchases and only pay their share. Splitting with Backpocket removes the hassles for customers when splitting ticketing costs, and means fast and early conversion for sellers.

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Meet demand

Cater directly to people buying tickets as a group, with a class-leading customer experience at check-out. The average number of people in a Backpocket group split is 3.3, with 32% of our users opting to split more five or more friends.

No risk

Backpocket takes on the financial risk of the order, paying you in full within 1 business day.

More customers

Gain access to our engaged user base, and benefit from Backpocket’s split group ticketing marketing. Our merchant partners have seen a 25% increase in basket size, with customers buying higher-value items when offered the option to split with friends at checkout.

It’s never been easier for customers to split group ticket purchases

As a ticketing provider, you’re no doubt aware of the pain-point customers feel when organising tickets as a group. It’s impossible to get everyone to buy at the same time, which creates doubt that not everyone will go, and inevitably someone in the group pays more than their fair share.

This is a problem of the past, thanks to Backpocket. We provide your valued customers with a convenient way to split the bill for ticketing sales, whether it’s between two concert-goers or ten. This way, you get paid in full, every group member’s ticket is confirmed, and we take on the risk.

With Backpocket, your customers can easily split group tickets to live shows, with your full payment guaranteed from the moment the first member of the group completes their purchase (more on this in a moment).

Whether it’s live music, a comedy show or some other event; buying tickets with friends has never been easier, with Backpocket. It takes away the headache for customers when splitting ticketing costs, and also means fast and early conversion for you, the seller.
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We provide a simple and straightforward solution for event-goers to split the bill

Let’s face it - splitting group tickets can be a pain. No matter how well a group of friends get along, wires get crossed, people lose track and no one can be 100% confident that they’ll be reimbursed. With Backpocket, you empower your customers with a remarkably straightforward process - everyone knows where they stand, and as a ticketing provider you are paid in full regardless.

Backpocket customers check out instantly and only pay their share of the total. No more waiting around for mates to pay them back. The seamless payment integration plugs into your site, Backpocket fronts the risk for each group purchase and pays you in full within 1 business day. No extra admin work at your end, just confirm your orders as per usual.

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How it works for customers...

  1. The leader of the group selects Backpocket at checkout, sets the number of friends splitting tickets, and then pays for their share only.
  2. The leader then shares the unique payment link with their friends.
  3. The other group members (we call them “payers”) settle up via the link within 7 days, and the split updates in real-time as group members pay.
  4. Backpocket keeps track of the tab, so that the leader of the group doesn’t have to!

With no extra costs or fees for the customer, this is an attractive payment option compared with splitting and tracking group bookings manually.

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Give your customers a smooth and seamless way to split the bill and buy tickets to your events

Ready to get started? If you’d like more info first, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer the same integrative split-bills solution for businesses in all areas of ecommerce, including accommodation/travel bookings and tours/experiences bookings.


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