Let customers checkout in groups and split the bill at check-out. Backpocket removes the hassle for shoppers when sharing expenses, and promises improved cart conversion and higher-order values for merchants.

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Stand out

Get an edge over your competitors by offering a unique group checkout option

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Meet demand

Cater directly to group shopping needs at check-out with a class-leading customer experience

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More customers

Get access to our user base of engaged group shoppers and benefit from Backpocket marketing,

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Splitting the bill is a pain for everyone

With Backpocket, customers can checkout instantly and only pay their share of the total.

Capture those tricky to nail group purchases with no extra admin at your end. Payment from Backpocket clears in full within 1 business day. Just pack and send your orders as per normal. We take on all payment risk from the customer side.

“This is such a simple solution for our gift boxes and special group orders, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier”

― Matilda, Brand Manager at Porter Green
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The customer experience

With Backpocket...

  1. The leader of the group sets the split and checks out - only paying their share
  2. The leader shares their group payment link
  3. Other group members settle up at their convenience, post purchase
  4. We keep track of the tab!

With no extra costs or fees for the customer, this is an attractive payment option compared with splitting and tracking group purchases manually.

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Ready to try it?

With low transaction fees and no monthly pay-to-play costs, Backpocket is ideal for those looking to increase conversion on group purchases and provide greater flexibility at check-out.

We’re set to launch in 2022 and are offering the first month free to a select group of pilot merchants. Click below to register.


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