Split online purchases with friends

You pay your share. They pay theirs. Just choose Backpocket at checkout. No app required. Free forever.

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Backpocket checkout screenshotText message snippet that says "Hey guys I've ordered the tickets for Saturday"

Only pay your share

Split purchases like gifts and tickets with friends. You pay your share. They pay theirs.

Checkout instantly

Pay your share and the order is on the way. No need to wait for friends. Zero added fees.

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Friends, not instalments

Forget "Buy Now Pay Later". Split an online purchase and share your payment link with friends. Everyone pays their part. No fees, ever.

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Just choose Backpocket at checkout

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1. Shop online

Add your order to cart and checkout using Backpocket

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2. Pay your share

Order done! No waiting for friends. No added fees.

A text message to friends sharing their Backpocket payment link

3. Share the link

Your group has 7 days to settle up with Backpocket.


How does it work?
When is my order finalised?
What happens if my group doesn’t settle up?
Do my friends need an account to pay?
Where can I pay with Backpocket?
Is it free to use?
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