Send, keep track and pay back

Backpocket is a completely free, fast and safe way to send and receive money. Perfect for splitting the bill between mates, buying a group gift or keeping tabs on your household expenses with roommates.

Backpocket UI

Split bills, not hairs

Split the bill on dinner, drinks, rent and tickets, just log them in the app and off you go.

“It’s heaps easier to track all of our share house bills now, from Wi-Fi to beers!”

― Jannikka, 24

Pick up the bill, knowing you’ll get paid back

No more 'forgotten' IOUs with DMs, group chats and a nudge button. You and your friends can settle up the tab straight away, or pay later.

Send money, quickly

Just want to shoot some money over to a mate? No problem, no need to mess about with BSB numbers ever again!

Keep tabs on grandma


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