Group travel made easy

Backpocket lets customers split group bookings online and only pay their share. Splitting with Backpocket removes the hassles for customers when splitting accomodation and travel costs, and means fast and early conversion for service providers.

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Stand out

Get an edge over your competitors by offering a unique group checkout split payment option for accommodation.

Meet demand

Cater directly to accommodation bookings for groups online, which is often a tedious and messy process. Now it’s a smooth and seamless experience, thanks to Backpocket. The average number of people in a Backpocket group split is 3.3, with 32% of our users opting to split more five or more friends.

More customers

Our merchant partners have seen up to  25% increase in basket size, with customers buying higher-value items when offered the option to split with friends at checkout.

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Backpocket’s split payment option for accommodation

Backpocket lets customers split payment for group bookings for accommodation online, and only pay their share. Split your accommodation bookings with friends, without the hassle of settling who owes what and chasing each other for money. Backpocket takes all the headache out of split payments for accommodation, and makes it easier for hotels to accept split payments online.

Quick and painless for the customer, with zero risk for the accommodation provider – Backpocket’s got you covered! The moment the customer pays their share of the booking online through Backpocket, you get paid in full. Let us worry about the rest!

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A simple and straightforward solution to split hotels, holiday homes and beach holiday accommodation

Let’s face it – no one loves to book online travel and accommodation for groups. Splitting booking costs with a group for travel is a pain for everyone. With Backpocket, customers can checkout instantly and only pay their share of the total.

Capture those tricky-to-nail group bookings with no extra admin at your end. Payment clears within 1 business day. Clear bookings as per normal.

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How it works for customers...

  1. The leader of the group selects Backpocket at checkout, sets the number of people they are splitting payment on accommodation with, and then pays for their share.
  2. The leader then shares the unique payment link with their friends.
  3. The other group members (we call them “payers”) settle up via the link within 7 days. The split updates as group members pay.
  4. Backpocket keeps track of the tab, so the group members don’t have to – it’s that easy!

With no extra costs or fees for the customer, this is an attractive split payment option for accommodation, especially when compared to splitting and tracking group bookings manually.

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Make it easier for your customers to split travel bookings with friends

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide the same convenient and innovative solution for businesses in all areas of ecommerce, including event tickets, accommodation and tours/experiences.


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