Top 5 ways to convert group purchases on your website

Birthdays, baby showers, housewarmings, coworker farewells, weddings; the list of reasons why shoppers head to the internet intending to make group purchases for gifts is endless. However, group purchases aren’t just something you can capitalise on during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. With the proper steps, you can reap the benefits of gift sales and group purchases all year long. Keep reading as we delve into the strategies you can start incorporating today.

1. Offer digital gift cards

With the steady rise of eCommerce sales, e-gift cards are where it’s at. Historically, gift cards have been marked as the thing you buy when you can’t think of anything. But today, the global gift cards market size is projected to hit $1.9 billion by 2027

2. Offer gift bundles and hampers

Many customers shopping for gifts don’t particularly love being overwhelmed with too much choice. So gift bundles are a terrific way to offer more value to the customer because who doesn’t love a deal, especially when the products are well curated. 

3. Create gift guides 

Creating gift guides is crucial to converting group purchases. Sometimes your product category may not even be “gift-worthy”, but putting them in a gift guide paints them in a different light. Sites like The Iconic, Myer, Mon Verre, and The Beauty Chef create killer gift guides that help lessen choice overload and simplify gift shopping. You can tailor the buyer's shopping experience, increase conversion rate, and boost engagement with gift guides. 

"Fortunately, making your eCommerce site appeal to group gift purchases doesn't take much."

- Rachel Sheils, Head of Marketing at Backpocket

4. Market for special occasions 

When it comes to the main event holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s easy to market for these days. But occasions like housewarmings, bridal showers and birthdays, you can’t necessarily plan into your campaign calendar. So to ensure your products are shoppable all year round, put them into product categories like “Birthday Gifts for Her” or “Unique Gifts for Friends”. 

5. Use a Split Now, Pay Later plugin 

Using a payment plugin specifically designed for group purchases like Backpocket means removing the hassle for shoppers when sharing expenses. An Aussie owned service, Backpocket lets customers split the bill at check out while also promising improved cart conversion and higher-order values for eCommerce businesses. 

Discover how you can start capturing those tricky to nail group purchases with no extra admin at your end today at