The Perfect Gifts For Cyclist Parents 2022

Parents are notoriously hard to buy for. They either have everything or don’t want you to get them anything. What’s fantastic about having a bike-loving mum or dad is that choosing the perfect gift is easy because you can narrow down the list of pressies you’re picking from. 

So, you’ve got a cyclist enthusiast mum or dad with a birthday coming up and looking for the perfect gift? We got you. Keep reading to find the best gifts for bike lovers. 

1. WeeRide Tagalong Kazam Link Trailer Bike

Mother and child son riding a bike together outdoors. Child son is on a WeeRide Tagalong.

Getting a bike-loving parent a tagalong to use with their kids is a genius gift if we say so ourselves. You’re not only gifting the trailer bike itself, but you’re also giving the gift of precious family time. For a cyclist parent, what's better than cycling? The answer: cycling together with family! 

This WeeRide tagalong is perfect for parents with kids aged 4 to 9 who haven’t quite mastered riding bikes yet or can’t handle longer those bike rides.

2. WeeRide Ibert Safe-T-Seat 

Family of four - mum, dad and two children riding bikes together in the outdoors. Children are sitting in a WeerRide child seat.

The list of things parents have to (temporarily) give up after having kids is already kinda long. Imagine adding giving up daily bike rides to that list! The best present you could get for a cyclist parent is a WeeRide child seat for that very reason. 

The WeeRide Ibert Safe-T-Seat is an excellent child bike seat for a leisurely and interactive bike ride around the hood. It’s super easy to mount and compatible with most bikes. So, cyclist parents don’t have to worry about giving up their favourite pastime or missing out on bonding time with their bubs.

3. WeeRide Kazam KZ2 Balance Bike

Young boy and girl wearing bike helmets, shin pads and elbow pads while riding Kazam Balance Bikes.

Some of the best gifts for parents are practical for their kids. If you’re organising a gift for a cyclist mum or dad with kids between 2 ½ and 5 ½,  a WeeRide Kazam Balance bike will be much appreciated. Now they’ll have one less thing to worry about when teaching their kids how to ride a bike.  Of course, when you go this route, it’ll be good to chuck in a bottle of wine to treat the parent too.  

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