Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Do you ever ask your mum what she wants for Mother’s Day and her answer makes you think to yourself, “Ma’am, this is not the time to be selfless.” But, sometimes, the subtle hints lay within their answers. We’ve done the detective work, decoded the hints, and put together our picks for mums who make buying mother’s day gifts extremely difficult.

Mum Hint No. 1: 

“Don’t worry about me. Save your money.” 

Gift her: 

Something that she can pamper you with like an All of the Good Things Luxury Soap Gift Pack or a Thank You Mum Pamper from Pt. Leo Estate.

Mum Hint No. 2: 

*pretends not to hear when you ask what she wants for Mother’s Day*

Gift her: 

Her usual fave perfume of something new that smells good, like Maison Francis Kukdijan Baccarat Rouge or Leif’s Body Cleanser and Lotion Set.

Mum Hint No. 3: 

*I’ll be happy with a nice card*

Gift her: 

A book or something practical that will get a lot of good use. A goodie like 'Where The Crawdads Sing' by Delia Owens is an excellent option, or a gorgeous Carafe & Glass set like Maison Balzac's J’ai Soif set