Group bookings made easy

Backpocket for tours, activities and experiences lets customers split group bookings and only pay their share. Splitting with Backpocket removes the hassles for customers when splitting costs, and promises fast and early conversion for providers.

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Stand out

Get an edge over your competitors by offering a unique group checkout option with no added risk for your business

Meet demand

Cater directly to group booking needs at check-out with a class-leading customer experience

More customers

Benefit from Backpocket's aggressive growth strategy. Our partners feature in all our marketing - from social to PR.

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Splitting group bookings is a pain for everyone

Backpocket customers can checkout, book instantly and only pay their share of the total. No more waiting around for their mates to pay them back. The seamless payment integration plugs into your site or platform, Backpocket fronts the risk for each group payment and pays you in full within 1 business day. No extra admin work at your end, confirm your bookings as per usual.

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How it works for customers...

  1. The Leader of the group selects Backpocket at checkout, defines the number of people in the split and pays for their share. Backpocket pay the merchant in full.
  2. The Leader then shares the unique payment link with their friends
  3. The other group members (We call them Payers) settle up via the link within 7 days. The split updates as group members pay
  4. Backpocket keeps track of the tab

With no extra costs or fees for the customer, this is an attractive payment option compared with splitting and tracking the cost of group bookings manually.

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Get started

With low transaction fees and no monthly pay-to-play costs, Backpocket is ideal for platforms looking to increase conversion on group bookings and provide greater flexibility at check-out. Plus, we front the risk for each group purchase by paying you in full with the first instalment within 1 business day.

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